Rail Expansion in Northeast Philadelphia

Building out our City's Subway System in the Great Northeast

Since the dawn of subway service in Philadelphia, it has been proposed numerous times that an extension of the Broad Street Subway be built between Olney Terminal in North Philadelphia, to the Philadelphia-Bucks County line in the far northeast.

The extension of SEPTA's Organge line would take hundreds of buses off of Roosevelt Boulevard, reduce traffic, and offer tens of thousands of Philadelphia and Bucks County residents a faster, more reliable mode of transport to Center City. Additionally, the Roosevelt Boulevard Subway Extension would eliminate the need for several bus routes on the Boulevard, providing SEPTA with a cost savings of $0.13 per passenger mile, while creating thousands of new riders.

The Pennsylvania Transit Expansion Coalition (PA-TEC) supports the extension of SEPTA's Broad Street Subway to Roosevelt Boulevard.

The construction of the Roosevelt Boulevard Subway is included in the Philadelphia Planning Commission's 2035 comprehensive plan.